Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More January Events & Pictures

Michael's Birthday

Michael turned 3 this year!!  We celebrated at home with just immediate family. But first, we had a free birthday breakfast at Denny's.

 Jane & George came along.  Yeah to Mommy for going to a restaurant with all three!  Jane thoroughly enjoyed the shredded potatoes.

Then we went to a park to meet a few friends.

Michael climbed the BIIIIG ladder several times and went down the BIG slide all by himself.

Jane probably ate rocks.
That evening, Michael helped Mommy put the final touches on his cake.
Of course, his version of helping was eating icing with the toothpick we used to color the frosting.
I asked Michael how he wanted the cake decorated and he put his hand on the top.  He has a thing about "make hand" which means he wants you to trace it.  So I did!  I traced it with icing, that's why it looks a bit funky.  But that's his hand.  And then he promptly started licking his hand.

"Michael!  Say 'I'm Three!'"


And...the eating.

Everyone enjoyed.

Then he opened his presents.  He had some fun with his new tent...
Then more fun in the tub with his new bath paints.