Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fun advancements

I have to get these thoughts out before I forget.  As a side note, I'm a bit delinquent at filling in a baby book for these kiddos.  I just don't make the time to do it and I fear that milestones or memorable moments will be forgotten.

Last night, at dinner, we offered Michael some french fries.  Almost immediately he started saying, "Ashe, Ashe, Ashe" which is him saying the letter "H."  He started moving the fries and making them into the letter H!!!!!  It was so cute and awesome!!!  This past weekend he made an O or circle with his crayons for the first time.  Constructing the H was a first and so cute.

We both really feel like he's just a step or two away from writing letters.  Tony asked if I'd thought of getting him those writer books that have the letters in dashed form.  I had thought of it but wondered if it might be too early.  Since Tony was thinking of it, too, I guess we both think he's ready for them.  Just a page or two at a time.

Sesame Street & Between the Lions has dramatically increased Michael's vocabulary and knowledge of the alphabet and letters.  Of course, we think he's a genius.

Baby girl likes to talk and sing songs to us.  She's equally as awesome.  Friday, I placed her on her belly when we were packing the car.  When I came back in the room she was on her back!  First flip.  She might have done that sooner, but she doesn't get a lot of floor time with big brother.  He likes to lay on her.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nekkkkkkkkid time

The girl is just so dang cute!!!  I realized we didn't have enough nekkid pictures of her.  So here are some.  There are also some other pictures where she looks VERY much like her cousins at the similar age.

There's also a shot of my herb garden.  I'm pretty impressed with the plants that survived the snow.  Such great little troopers.

Great couponing

I've begun to follow a few (ok, a handful...well ok, several are bookmarked but I only seriuosly look at maybe 5) different couponing blogs.  It's definitely a bit of a learning curve, but I'm pretty excited about some recent purchases.  Tony's happy with getting cheap cheese & other goodies.  This is the first month that I'm really limiting myself to the cash in the envelope, when it's out, it's out.  I'm also trying to get things that we need and not stockpile too many things that we already have unless it's free or ridiculously cheap (like less that $0.50 per item).

Here's today's results:

Target Spent $13.30, saved $13.06...the $2 pill box was the only thing that didn't have a coupon.  49.5% savings

Kroger (this one's awesome!!!) Spent $11.28, Saved ....wait for it...$44.87.  80% savings

Not pictured is yesterday's Walmart trip:  Spent $22.59, saved $21.37!!!  51.4% saved

Friday, February 4, 2011


You're not going to see pictures of Michael outside playing in the snow because we're just not prepared for that.  We don't have (or really need) galoshes, mittens (waterproof), thermals, etc. for the little guy to tolerate this kind of weather.  I'm not saying we need these as gifts, either.  It's just not worth it when he's growing so fast and the next snow day is going to be next year.  

I took him outside when I pictured the table in the backyard.  I let him reach down and touch it and that's all he needed.

I know I'm late on posting pictures from the Baptism-Birthday party.  More on that later.