Saturday, August 27, 2011

August pictures

Doughnuts are so awesome, mommy. I love you!

I had thought that hungry, pregnant momma had cleaned all the meat off of these bones. I was wrong. The girl REALLY cleaned them!! Unbelievable. She loved them.

Austin Trip

This is the flag that my Grandmother's Grandfather fought under during the civil war.

I didn't set up this shot. I'm sure it wasn't intentional to chop Tony out of it.

Other July pics

We thought having the play pen in the living room would make life easier for mommy.

We were wrong. M just wanted to get in and out.

J mostly screamed when she was in there, even with brother the quiet would last only a few minutes.

Arranged by M, this is how he fell asleep. We discovered him like this after laying J in her crib.

I think that's a bit of pear or apple in her mouth. Yummy!
All Daddy's doing.