Saturday, November 15, 2014

Friday, November 14, 2014

These two nutcases

This was replayed in real life by these two LAST WEEK!!

There's wasn't a chair involved.  But it was Jane and George at the fridge getting water and just dumping it on the ground in the kitchen!  Water was flooded all the way into the pantry.  Nearly a quarter inch of water.  It was still warm enough so I sent them outside.  I also told Jane that she probably wasn't going to get any of her Halloween candy after that.  I couldn't yell because I heard it happening.  I was with the baby on the bed in my room.  I heard them getting water and I heard water hitting the ground.  But they had also been playing outside.  Sometimes Jane gets water from the fridge and dumps it on the patio.  I don't like it when she does, just for waste-sake, but I was praying she was doing it.  Alas, no.

Now, I will start using the child lock feature.  You'd think I would have learned 19 months ago, but noooooo.

Baby Maggie Videos

What you've been waiting for.....

George Videos

It's the George show, starring ME, I'm George.  It's the George show, and I've got lots of great guests. da ta ta ta da ta ta ta

Magnum belly PI

Jane Videos

Opening cards with Gee

Jane Flipping

Pony ride @ Mushroom Festival

videos!!! Michael's school song, special princess & George tools

If I had a school song like this, I'd remember it!!  Totally a rock song!

Special princess, Thank you, Daniel Tiger & Mister Rogers.

Happy Birthday

"I go build"  = I'm going to build

Friday, October 24, 2014

Playing together

I have to record these moments for the teenage years if they hate each other.  I came out of my to see this, this morning.  I said, "why so sweet?"  Michael said, while still watching the tv, "because we love each other."  (Universal "awwwww!"). I mean can you stand it???

They've really been playing together, lately, too.  It's so cute, Michael isn't just running along with her, he is really involved with what they are doing.  Talking with her, in conversation about their pretend.

George is full of pretend every day.  So funny.  "I get my shirt on, I get my helmet on.  I get in my car."  It's so funny and constant every night after bath.  He comes to my bed and starts making something with the pillows and telling a story and pretending something.  He also calls water towers rockets around town.  We drive past one and he says, "I see a wocket ship!"

Notice the legs are blurry?  Someone loves her bath tub!!