Sunday, May 25, 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What happened while I was nursing

Or, what Jane did, while was nursing.

1. Peed off the froggie potty while sitting on the froggie potty.  Yep,she leaned back in such a way that her pee arced right over the front of the potty and onto the floor.  She said, "uh oh."  I was nursing on the couch, couldn't get up.  All I could say was, "sit up! Lean forward! Make your pee pee go down!"  Then she started to rub the pee all over her skin.

Bath for Jane.

2.  When I cooked a pot of beans, I gave Jane and George each some beans, a plastic cup, and 3 mini muffin paper cups.  I showed they could count beans into the cups.  They had a blast.  Jane mentioned eating them, I said, no, no eating.  Then, after I left the room to get the baby, jane walks in whining about her nose and saying, "I can't get it!"  
Me, "aw! Did you out a bean up there?!?!?  Why???  Blow!!"
She did, nothing happened.  My mind starts racing, ER, urgent care, drs office?  What do I do?  "Jane, show me.  Look up."  Aw crap, it's way up there.  What do we do whatdowedo?  "Ok, Jane come here."  I hold down the unobstructed side and told her to blow again.  I started to think I wasn't holding it well enough when that bean just SHOT right out and into my hand.  It was just half a bean.  I'm really praying it started as half a bean.

3.  Nursing in the afternoon...Jane pooped in her panties.  She was only wearing panties because she had already pooped on the potty and I'm lazy and let her dress herself.  Bath #2 for Jane.

George at dinner, "me want beans!!"  Also, this afternoon, while I was scrubbing toilets and the shower, "whatchdoin, mommy?"  Admittedly, he doesn't see me clean the bathroom often...or ever.  But he has been saying this often.  I thought it was great when I was crocheting or doing some needlework the other day and he actually said, "whatch-stitchin, mommy?"

Michael finishes head start in 2 days.  They are doing a program for us on the last day.  It's going to be "what a wonderful world." Last week, Michael recited the lyrics as a poem at the dinner table.  "Skies of blue.  Clouds of white.  Bright blessed day.  Dark say goodnight.  I'm the night! With a moon.  Then we say what a wonderful world."  The. Whole. Song.  I asked if they were singing that for their program.  He said yes.  I'm gonna cry.  I didn't cry when he started school but I might on Friday.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Cooing Videos

First is a bit fussy but she has a sweet coo at about 1:20 after she gets her toots out.

This is a good cross-eyed video.  It also features the 2 & 3 year olds screaming and playing in the background.  Plus a brief cameo from George at the end.

This one is the best.  It almost makes me cry and I was right there!  SHE'S SO SWEET!!!!

Mother's Day Brunch

Smiling at Gee
Looking at Gee

Friday, May 9, 2014

Babies!!! Picture update

This was a few weeks ago.  George was already napping.  I was letting Jan be on the bed but she wasn't letting go and letting sleep take over.  Here I told her to lay her head on the pillow and she said, "NO!  I'M! TOO! MAD!"