Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easter 2012












George's Baptism

These are the best of the pictures that I have.  Apparently, my battery died very early in the baptism so I don't have water pictures.  I'll have to get those from someone else.

Super pretty with Aunt Ellen!!
Getting Blessed.  Thanks Deacon Reed for being so accomodating!!

The non-cracked cake, Thanks to Auntie Claire!  For shame, HEB bakers!  I will be sending crack-cake pictures to Cake Wrecks.

Yeah!  Parents & Godparents.
Great-Mammah holding "Gorgeous George" for the first time!

"Oh! He's even prettier in person!"
Cousins and foods!

George with his new "clinging cross."  Probably not meant for babies, but he loved it!

With new Godparents.  Cousin (to mommy) Melissa and Kenneth. comfy

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jane, oh Jane

Here's a cute video of Jane eating her oatmeal. The more utensils, the better!! At first she was smiling because she thought I was going to take a picture.


 This is another story..... Now, my kids aren't always their best after naps, but they usually warm up OK if you leave them on their own. Jane can be left in their room after a diaper change and be just fine playing with toys or "reading" books. However, this particular day, she started crying by herself. It was a very hurt cry, like someone hurt her feelings. I walked in to find her crying because she couldn't carry all the toys that she wanted! Observe....


 Here, I thought I could help her....well, you'll see.


Friday, April 27, 2012

My little musician

Michael loves music.  Anything music.  I showed him his xylophone this day and a few minutes later he asked "May I please have Animusic numma 2?" We have both. by the way (1 & 2) and he knows which he wants.

He played xylophone to another piece but i missed filming it.  But this one was great.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh the fun

various video's from early 2012

I made the classic mistake of laying down on the floor, placing myself at the mercy of my children.  The following ensued.

Jane's classic "MMMMMMah!" is in this sandbox clip:

Papa and George from a while ago.  Might have been January.