Thursday, July 26, 2012

Moving stuff

I've had a bit of a head cold for a week. I call it "walking sinus infection" because it has all the symptoms except that horrible pain and pressure in the head. That's the only thing holding me back from going to the dr. I'm a little tired but I've been really motivated around the house!

We got a crib from a friend. We put it in the front room and as soon as it was secure we put George in there!!!! No more baby in our room!! Ok, wait, back up. Back when Ellen visited and Tony took the week off, I finally started straightening up in that room. That's when we saw that we could seriously get a crib in there.

So ever since, I've just been plugging along. Yesterday I moved the glider out of our room and into George's. I took down the baby swing in our room and put it in the garage. Today I disassembled the bassinet and put it in the garage! Our room feels so huge!!!!

Then, I moved the sewing machine(s) table into our room and a short bookshelf. I had Tony take the end table out of our room that I had been using as a bedside table. Now I will use the bookshelf. It's so great. I also moved a skinny set of drawers into our room. The next step is moving this changing table from our room to George's room. Then there will be no more baby stuff in this room!!!!!!!

Even with the new things in here, it still feels huge! AND, I'm a little closer to actually using my sewing machine!!!

I've also created a separate blog for my book reviews. I know you were soooo interested. :p well, you won't be seeing them here anymore.

In other news, two days ago, I stumbled and cut the back of my right ankle with the toenail on my left foot. Yesterday, while moving the glider, I pulled it over my shoe but it still bent back my left big toe nail causing it to break off pretty deep. Both injuries requiring a bandaid. Then, today, my hand wasn't completely out of the way and I snipped my palm with the tip of my kitchen shears. Owie! Along with this cold-thing, I'm hoping I stop hurting myself!

The kids are doing great! We actually went all day, today, without the tv! They just played around me and we listened to the radio while I cleaned and moved furniture. Both Jane and Michael like George's new bed. Jane keeps pointing to it and says, "Gegsh, nigh nigh, shhhh.". One day he was sleeping in it and I found both of them just standing next to the crib while Jane kept saying "shhh.". Later, when I was trying to let George go to sleep, he was fussing then stopped. When I walked in to see if he was asleep, I found that he had gotten quiet because Michael was standing there and reaching in to play with George's hand. Michael was supposed to be in his own bed. So we're all still getting used to it. I'm hoping that George will sleep longer since he can't smell me or hear Tony or I moving in our sleep (or snoring!). Not happening so much, yet.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jane nursed

Earlier last week, Jane actually tried to nurse, twice. It was the sweetest moment I've had with her in over a year! I'm blogging it so I'll remember. She weaned from the breast somewhere in her 8th month, I think. It's all really a blur. Once she weaned, I honestly don't remember much about her. I know that sounds horrible but it's the truth. I know she was there because I was always in a panic about having enough breastmilk for her (borrowed from other loving mothers). But, truthfully, I don't remember much about her.

The other night, she was sitting with me on the couch and just started pulling at my shirt and kind of reaching inside. I thought I'd offer her and see what happened. She actually wanted to put her mouth on the nipple! Then I put her into more of a nursing position and offered again. Several times in a row she put her mouth on my nipple, sucked a little, then moved the nipple to her teeth. But she tried!!!!!!!!! My baby girl nursed again!! It was so precious to me. It was like I had my baby back, even if it was only for that moment. I didn't care.

Sure, it hurts, it's like a bittersweet kind of thing. I wish she was still nursing. I wish she didn't wean, but I don't wish that George wasn't here. I can't bemoan what I could have done to prolong the nursing relationship. We lasted as long as we could. But for her to actually try to suck milk was so amazing for me. I feel bonded back to her. A bond that I felt was lost for nearly a year is back.

The amazing thing is that she tried again the following morning! She came into our room and I offered again. She put her mouth on and tried a little, less than the previous night, then wanted to play with it. She knows how to squeeze milk out! She knows that's where I get milk. She's seen me pump milk for her almost every day since George was born. But I don't know if she associates the milk more with the pump and the bottle or with my breast. So I don't care if she plays with it and sees milk come out (sometimes squirting her in the face). I wanted her to taste it to get that association.

There had been a couple times, months ago, when she had put her teeth to my nipple in the tub. But this time, last week, was the first she really put her whole mouth on and sucked. My baby girl, I love her so much. It's so difficult to go from breastfeeding to not when you desperately want to continue. She hasn't done it again since those two occasions last week. But, to have her come back to me was a grace filled moment. I could look down into her eyes again and I saw my baby. MY baby. Not the little girl that's been running around my house for the past year. I saw MY baby girl. She's MINE again. For those brief moments she was MY baby, nursing.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Book review: Touching the Sky

The second book I received to review was a historical fiction by Tracie Peterson called "Touching the Sky." I have to say this one was vastly better than the first book I got. I actually finished this one!

It's set just after the civil war ended in Corpus Christi, Texas. The setting was the reason I chose this book, thinking it might be fun to read about Texans. Then I started it. The main characters are Union supporters. Or rather, I should say, the protagonists are all Union supporters. The bad guys seem to be confederates. There was one former confederate supporting good guy toward the end of the book. I guess he redeemed the author from making all confederates out to be racist bad guys.

The gist of the story is about a young woman who's sister is marrying a real turd (confederate). The young lady, Laura, overhears her brother in law plotting some 'trouble for the Yankees' and she doesn't know what to do. Meanwhile, she's falling in love with an army officer. They've occupied Corpus with a regiment of black troops just to 'rub it in' to the citizens. The love interest is a former Union officer who led the colored troops. Incidentally, he is also investigating the brother in law for another horrible crime. Such intrigue.

This book was actually written well enough for me to not be completely disgusted by the time I reached 20%. I gave it a shot and by the time I was half way through I actually wanted to finish it.

The characters are very open about their faith and trust in God. I loved this aspect of the book. God, private prayer and discernment were discussed as freely as descriptions of Southern bell dresses. The faith of the main characters was an integral and comfortable part of their lives. They could talk about it as easily as the weather. I really enjoyed this part and for most of the book it came across as not preachy. Right smack dab in the middle of the climax there was a bit that did seem preachy and unrealistic. But I guess you need to give the author credit for building up to this throughout the book. I kind of felt it coming.

If you can get past the part about the union supporters portrayed as the righteous, intelligent, 'do no wrong' type and the confederate supporters as the ignorant, racist, thugs then there's a nice little story. I was a bit perturbed by the way the author wrote the speech of all the characters. The white union supporters all spoke with perfect English. Absolutely no Southern accent. The only accents that came across in the writing was from the blacks ("I reckon iffn I could read.."), Mexicans, and thug confederates. There wasn't even a y'all from the protagonists. That seemed a little unbelievable for native Texans.

The love story is sweet and chaste. This is not a raunchy romance book. It's as chaste as Pride and Prejudice, not nearly as well written, but good enough to enjoy.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Soup

I have been enjoying cooking lately. It's been super exciting to make pot after pot of yummy summer soup. All of the veggies are fresh from the garden. A few tomatoes from our garden but mostly squash, zucchini, onions, tomatoes, banana peppers, Anaheim peppers, and potatoes from the Reiter's. Soooooo good! The only store bought items are a few herbs, salt and pepper.

Our deep freezer is wonderfully and beautifully stocked and I'm so excited and grateful.


Daddy left the iPad, today!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Fourth

We had a great day, today! We went to two parties, ate lots of food, visited with friends, ate ice cream and steaks, got sopping wet, played hard and actually napped!

Thanks to all our hosts and cooks for a great time!

Pictures to come.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

More potato

Jane saying "potato"  

The girl could eat her weight in potatoes.

playing with brother.  "more ptaptpt"  and "sthpill"

Gee & Papa visit and home fun

Papa and George, mirror time

Michael decided the drain catch was his new hat.
Smashing, Senor!


These BABIES!!!

She is standing on a little chair to play with brother.

Some more videos, George Eating

Playing at Grandma & Grandpa's

George Eating and Spitting

Michael's Hen & Chick song

The Roller and Grandpa fun