Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Video time!!!

Here are some videos that have been waiting around to be uploaded.  We have Maggie stealing food off the table, some awesome vacation bible school dances, Bubbles and other antics.  Enjoy!

Maggie Stealer (middle volume)

VBS dance (turn your volume up!!  it's still quiet)

More VBS

I love how Jane is just gazing at Micheal, looking at him for guidance sometimes.

Visit from Gee presents

This is great, the girl found a bag and a toy and was having so much fun taking it in and out.  But I love how at the end she had to have BOTH handles of the bag in her hand to walk out.

This last one is an example of the kind of antics that happen an almost a daily basis.  It also depicts how little they listen to me and how little I care depending on how tired I am or how horrible they are.  It seems the bigger the mess they make, the less I react because I know I still have to be the one to clean up them and the mess they made.