Saturday, September 28, 2013

playing ball

Again, this is a normal game for us.  Jane tries so hard to tell George where his ball is, but finally shows him.

George, George, George, George

He just starts doing these things on his own.  Before I started filming, he was making a 'woo' tractor noise.

Hiding baby

So, here's George covering up a baby doll and also playing peek-a-boo with it.  I love how when Jane tries to help cover the dolly, she's trying to push the blanket on the dolly but just bounces her bottom in the air.

Then, if you listen close, I tell Jane she has rice in her hair towards the end.  Then she says, "where?  where the rice?  up here?"

Backyard 9-25-13

George being a boy, banging and rolling.

I like how Jane and Michael are talking about cloud shapes.

Texas Reds Festival

Well, we made it nearly four hours.  Through cool and humid, pouring rain, an back to sunny steam.  We forked over the $20 for 2 wristbands for Jane & Michael to play as many games a they could.  Michael got his money's worth on the bounce house slides.  Man, the first one he went in, he climbed and slid probably 20 times.  We're also bringing home about a dozen cheap but fun little toys from games they played.  Here are the phone pictures.  I took others with the camera until the battery ran out.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Mornings with Jane


This was outside the quilt show, today.  They did so well inside...until Jane was bouncing out of her seat.  So we went outside to run.  I can't believe how much action is in this shot. Zoom in if you can.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Days with Jane

Jane stripped her bed and turned the mattress upright.  Then peed on it (we're trying big girl panties).  So I took the sheets to wash and moved the mattress to the floor of the room.  Now she is jumping from the railing of her bed to the mattress and trying to teach George to do the same.  "George! What I say, what I do, yike dat!!"

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Michael's first day of school!!

Michael started head start, today.  He was ready to get in the car.
We were early to the school.
Jane and Georgie missed him but played nicely and both slept!!
Then, we picked up Michael.  He walked out with his class and the first thing I noticed was he was in his original clothes.  No accidents!!!
He sat with his class for a second, then came to the car.
His teacher told him to wave.

Here we are at home!!
His sweet little note from the teacher says, "Michael had the best first day! He loved circle and helped me read a book to his new friends.  He loved play dough and home center too." On the back of the heart note it says, "He is such a sweet boy and so happy."  Then there's a little heart drawing.

He ate cereal for breakfast and a grilled cheese at lunch.  

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our houseguests

For the past 10 days we had 3 houseguests.  My friend Adrienne, from TAMS, is a urologist.  She's serving as a locum tenens, a fill-in dr when others go on vacation.  She brought 2 of her 3 children, Leila aged 16 mo and Nikolas who is 3.5 yrs.  it was a little wild and crazy sometimes, we had baby arguments and 2-3 yr old fussing, but all 5 children got along pretty well.  Here are some shots from our adventure.