Thursday, October 22, 2015

Severe strep lymph massage

Oh my word, I just did the most amazing lymphatic massage on my face and neck.  I woke up with extremely swollen and tender lymph nodes, more so  the left.  I started massaging down in front and behind the ear, I could barely pass around the edges of the node for tenderness at the beginning.  Then it started to work!  I could physically feel the node reducing in size!!!  The extreme tenderness disappated.  I expanded the lymph pull to my forehead, eyes, and face.  I started to feel the lump of lymph I'd pulled from my face and I could feel myself massage it down to the collar bone.  I could tell when I was on the lymph system because I could hear the stuffiness in my ear.

My voice improved!  I can turn my head more easily!  It still hurts to swallow because the tonsils are so injured but it is easier.  

I am completely amazed I was able to effect such a dramatic change on my body.  Especially a part of my body that has wracked havoc on my system in such a violent way the past few days.  I had tried some minor lymph massage earlier this week but was too mentally and physically distraught to be persistent about it.  

I'm only blogging this because I want to record it and it might be too much for fb.