Thursday, December 26, 2013

Papa's Birthday

My canon camera ran out of battery quickly on the 26th.  Here are the best of the phone pictures.
Taking some quiet chill out time with daddy.
Michael is singing 'happy birthday' directly to Papa.
Serenade and hug.

Papa's Birthday part 1

Jane got to help Gee decorate (frost) Papa's cake.  Much to both Jane and Gee's delight.  Jane really did a great little job at it.  All the while saying, "I yike to hep."

Singing Jingle Bells with Papa.  Video to come, eventually.

I have more pictures of the day on my phone.  The camera battery ran out after these pictures.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day

Morning chocolate from the stocking. own box of crackers.

Books from Aunt Katie.

He had to put on his new shirt.

"I yuv my cwos."

Then he had to put on his NEXT new shirt.

all she wanted for Christmas was "pink and purple" and she got it.

New chalks for our artist.


bandaids in the stocking.  Brilliant.

We've been serenaded with Jingle Bells all day. It's awesome. 

Lounging in the bed with Momma long after presents and naps.

I got yarn, books about yarn and stitching (with mathematical explanations!!), purses, more books, homemade candle in antique tea cup (Aunt Ellen) and handmade earrings, an iPad mini (!!!!) and external keyboard.  Some yummies (tea and jams), and we're not quite finished.  :)