Monday, March 31, 2014

Outside time with girl

Ooo!  Someone just filled her diaper!

The best baby picture!!!

The assistant midwife who was at Maggie's birth took this amazing photo.  How cute is this baby???????  I knitted the hat, the blanket is from Gee.  She is barely a couple hours old and so amazing, cute and ALERT!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Selections from today

Siblings meet

Gee and Papa brought the siblings back home to meet baby Maggie for the first time.  Here are some pics.

Baby Maggie

A few pictures from iPhone.

A little black & blue from coming out.  Momma didn't mean to be so rough on her.  😊

Yes, not a baby. I finally got my post birth giant burger!!  It was amazing and I couldn't even finish it.  And, yes, I had a burger on Friday of Lent.  I think mommas who just pushed out babies get a special dispensation.