Thursday, October 22, 2015

Severe strep lymph massage

Oh my word, I just did the most amazing lymphatic massage on my face and neck.  I woke up with extremely swollen and tender lymph nodes, more so  the left.  I started massaging down in front and behind the ear, I could barely pass around the edges of the node for tenderness at the beginning.  Then it started to work!  I could physically feel the node reducing in size!!!  The extreme tenderness disappated.  I expanded the lymph pull to my forehead, eyes, and face.  I started to feel the lump of lymph I'd pulled from my face and I could feel myself massage it down to the collar bone.  I could tell when I was on the lymph system because I could hear the stuffiness in my ear.

My voice improved!  I can turn my head more easily!  It still hurts to swallow because the tonsils are so injured but it is easier.  

I am completely amazed I was able to effect such a dramatic change on my body.  Especially a part of my body that has wracked havoc on my system in such a violent way the past few days.  I had tried some minor lymph massage earlier this week but was too mentally and physically distraught to be persistent about it.  

I'm only blogging this because I want to record it and it might be too much for fb.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My peoples today

Orig pub 5/24/15
The daddy dude reading while 'watching' the kids and grill.

Jane in an Elsa dress.

Michael with sword and shield.

A super tired baby girl.

This boy has a low fever, thus he has been in the couch, sleeping, most of the day.

Just for the record, me.

Our awesome chick fil a may2015

Some shots of us at our favorite Chick fil a this year.  Spring 2015


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Video time!!!

Here are some videos that have been waiting around to be uploaded.  We have Maggie stealing food off the table, some awesome vacation bible school dances, Bubbles and other antics.  Enjoy!

Maggie Stealer (middle volume)

VBS dance (turn your volume up!!  it's still quiet)

More VBS

I love how Jane is just gazing at Micheal, looking at him for guidance sometimes.

Visit from Gee presents

This is great, the girl found a bag and a toy and was having so much fun taking it in and out.  But I love how at the end she had to have BOTH handles of the bag in her hand to walk out.

This last one is an example of the kind of antics that happen an almost a daily basis.  It also depicts how little they listen to me and how little I care depending on how tired I am or how horrible they are.  It seems the bigger the mess they make, the less I react because I know I still have to be the one to clean up them and the mess they made.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Why I don't get much done

I'm so mom-too-many-tabs, today.  Trying to do some business at the computer, start reading pointless articles, deal with kids, what was I doing? ug, business, oh look! free stuff.  business, nurse a baby, busineeeeescreaming baby!  business?  convo with family.  back to business, who's screaming now?  oh man, who stinks?  shower child, oh this trash is so full, take out trash, look at the garden i need to pull that grass.  Weed the garden without bug repellant oil, probably going to have tons of chiggers and mosquito bites.  come in, take off baby's diaper covered in sticker burrs.  shower off the sweat and dirt.  new diaper on baby and showered kid (who'd been nekkid the whole time I was weeding).

Back to computer.  At least I turned on the printer, which is needed for the 'business' that I want to do.

Sunday, February 22, 2015