Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Updates for myself

Michael is in 2nd grade.  He has math/science homework for the week.  He also has to read 15 min a day and two days a week he has to write 3 sentences to answer a question about what he read.  He's getting better at the writing but it's a struggle.  He excels at the math and science.

Jane is in Kindergarten and loves every second of it.  She brings home tons of pages learning letters and colors, but I'm not sure how much of it is sinking in.  She still guesses at a lot of letters or goes through the alphabet to name a letter.  She's an excellent copier and learns by ear really well.

George is probably figuring out how to read from tv shows, much like Michael.  He's at home with us and has stopped napping.  It's disappointing but he does fairly well staying in his room during quiet time.  He'll usually make things with blocks.  But often, during quiet time, he starts coming to find me over and over and over for some inane question or to show me what he's built.  he talks constantly.

Maggie is a supreme 2 yr old.  Massively two year old behavior.  She is freakishly determined to do what she wants.  She will defy us and scream at the top of her lungs when she's upset.  This usually happens when the baby is also upset or I'm nursing the baby.  Therefore, I am limited in my disciplinary actions.  When she's not acting like a total toot, she can be sweet and very funny.  She loves playing with anyone.  For the last several months, she will take any two objects in front of her (toys, food, pieces of paper, etc.) and start talking them back and forth and making up a fabulous story.  She also tries to say prayers with us.  It's super cute the way she mutters the general sounds of the prayers then gives a big AAAMEN at the end.  Still in diapers, we're slowly working on that.

Baby Judy Pearl is a dream.  sweet and smiles and coos at us.

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