Saturday, March 27, 2010

Big Events of the Day!!!

What a day!  We started off the day with Mommy and Michael going to the Easter Celebration at the George Bush Presidential Library.  It was great!  I carried Michael in a Baby Bjorn in front and a backpack (diaper bag/purse) on my back.  Daddy stayed at home mowing the yard and was here for the Big Event students to arrive.  So, Mommy and Michael hunted eggs, then went to Kroger for drinks and ice.  We picked up Pizza's for the Big Event-ers and headed home.  Aunt Ellen was here, then Aunt Katie came by to drop off some plants.  The Big Event students transformed our yard from weed filled into a beautiful yard with several nice gardening areas!  Then they pruned trees and hedges, too!  Aunt Ellen stayed and we made lemonade with our awesome lemons from the Valley.  I made burgers and couscous and we had a great meal in our wonderful backyard.  Did I mention I'm pregnant?  I'm exhausted now.

 Michael waiting patiently to hunt eggs.  There were so many people!  Many kiddos were crying.  Couldn't stand the suspense of being so close and not allowed to touch until the fire engine said, "go!"
One egg

Two Eggs!
Three eggs, and that one at the top was our fourth egg!  Michael picked up and put in his basket 4 eggs before they were all taken.  We played fair.  Some parents just held their baby like a football and picked up eggs for them....cheaters.

Eggs are fun!

We already spread some seeds!  I hope they weren't too old!

Thanks to the great Geology students!!

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  1. I told Josh we should have Big Event students out next year. That's awesome!