Saturday, May 22, 2010

We have walking & other such fun events.

Where have we been? You ask? Off galavanting....Ha, I, not really. We've had birthdays (Tony's, mine & friends), we had a short trip to Welder & San Antonio, we had an anniversary, we were all sick and recovered, new baby is still kicking away, but most importantly, we've had the discovery of true walking with Michael!


Personally, I think the background music is quite fitting.....ominous...can you figure it out?

Ok, on to other fun.  I won't bore you with pictures from the last 6 weeks...maybe if you're nice you can see them sometime, there are many.  Here's the latest from the tooter.

Did someone say Toga?
Oh, no, wait, that's just Mom's shopping bag...conveniently draped over the shoulder.  He did this on his own.

The boy actually crawled all the way out of his room with the towel draped over his head, the other day.  Hilarious.
I love my son.  Still lies down on the ground (anywhere really, pillow not required) when he's tired.  So sweet.

Now for the fun's what you've all be waiting for....future sources of torture!!!

 You're saying, "Emily, come on...that's not a torture picture."  No, but it is him with yet another towel on his head, only to reveal......

A Nekkid-Bean!!!!!

Yep, that's the guy, in all his glory!  Finger going to the belly button.

When he's 18 and has a date over to the house and these pictures are revealed, I'll tell him it's all his daddy's fault.  It's daddy that brings this nekkid-bean out, he thinks it's hilarious.  It is, really.  There is much squealing and laughter by all 3 of us!  Well, mostly Michael squealing with excitement and us laughing.

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