Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gainesville-Muenster-Dallas Vacation

Memorial Day weekend we trekked up to Gainesville because Granny Reiter had requested a reunion.  When 90+ Granny calls, you go!  Upon our arrival we found out there was a Lavender festival just West of our hotel.  Of course we went...
Michael promptly fell asleep 2 minutes before parking.
But that didn't stop Mommy from having a great time picking her $8 bundle of Lavender!
Michael soon woke up and had his first pony ride, for free!
Then a follow up snack in the car.
Hotel bath time was great fun with a touch of home with faucet froggie.
It isn't a real vacation unless you get to eat chocolate donuts in the bed!!
Reiter Reunion was great fun!  Thank you Sacred Heart for having such a wonderful kiddie play yard.
Baby houses are serious fun for cousins.
So is see-saw-ing with cousins.
So glad we got to spend time with Granny!
Then off to Dallas where we watched Cousin Nick graduate from High School.  Way to go, Nick!
We got to play with grand parents and meet mommy's cousins.
And mommy's cousins kids.  :)
That's Lemonade, right, Nick?
Had a great time seeing more family.
More Grandparent fun.

I haven't posted all the pictured from either event.  If you want to see them, email me.  :)

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  1. Great pictures! How did you enjoy your vacation? There are so many things in Gainesville to experience as a visitor, from the great places to eat to the Gainesville pawn shops. Sight seeing may not be great in the traditional sense, but it has it's own unique charm.