Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Great couponing

I've begun to follow a few (ok, a handful...well ok, several are bookmarked but I only seriuosly look at maybe 5) different couponing blogs.  It's definitely a bit of a learning curve, but I'm pretty excited about some recent purchases.  Tony's happy with getting cheap cheese & other goodies.  This is the first month that I'm really limiting myself to the cash in the envelope, when it's out, it's out.  I'm also trying to get things that we need and not stockpile too many things that we already have unless it's free or ridiculously cheap (like less that $0.50 per item).

Here's today's results:

Target Spent $13.30, saved $13.06...the $2 pill box was the only thing that didn't have a coupon.  49.5% savings

Kroger (this one's awesome!!!) Spent $11.28, Saved ....wait for it...$44.87.  80% savings

Not pictured is yesterday's Walmart trip:  Spent $22.59, saved $21.37!!!  51.4% saved

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