Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baby updates

So, here's the thing, I don't have a baby book for Jane.  I received a great little book before she was born that was good for tracking nursing times, diapers, etc.  Also could track gifts in it.  It was good.  It had kind of a section for milestones and at the time, I thought, "Well, this'll be good enough for a baby book."  But it's not the traditional kind of book.  Eventually,the book ended up on a cart or the floor and I haven't really tracked much of anything about her in it.

She's about to be 9 months old (unreal) and here's what's happening.  She can crawl, pull up on stuff, walk along the couch.  She moves pretty fast if she sees something she brother's water cup.  She's a serious squealer.  She can shriek with the best.  Sometimes when she's screaming at brother in their room (we moved the crib into brother's room a few months ago), the pitch gets so high that the baby monitor won't carry it.  Wow.

Jane does baby babble pretty good.  Mamamamma, Babababababa.  She's also an eater.  Not full meals, mind you, but she's very accepting of what we offer her.  We decided to just offer her bits of whatever we were eating.  Michael's so picky and we think it's because we really "babied" him with the eating.  I was also extremely worried about him choking.  I'm better now.  A friend said, "Gagging is not choking."  I really took it to heart and I'm better now if Jane gets something caught.  She gets it up or down on her own.  We haven't really had any scares in that department.

She'll gnaw on fruit pieces (apple sticks).  She's eaten cheerios, animal crackers, waffles, pancakes, toast.  Again, not tons of these things (except the cheerios).  Floor cheerios are especially yummy.  In fact, the way I figured out that she had mastered how to pick up and feed herself was when I realized she was eating cheerios off the floor.  She really likes whole wheat pasta noodles.  I made some spaghetti meat sauce the other day and she had several bites.  I put the noodles to her mouth and she ate them up.  Also bits of ground meat.  We've fed her other things, I just can't remember all of it.

I've tried to post videos several times in the last month or so and it's failed every time.  I don't know what the problem is.  

What's really sweet is that she still loves her momma.  Since I've been pregnant my milk supply has dropped considerably.  We were blessed with a huge donation of pumped breastmilk from another mother.    We've been feeding her this other milk in a bottle for a couple of months but whenever I offer her my breast, she's still extremely willing to accept.  :)  It warms my heart that she hasn't lost interest.  

Lately, she's been doing something rather funny.  There's a book that's been on the living room floor and the other day she started pushing it around, flipping it over, grabbing at it and fussing the whole time.  Kind of yelling at the book.  I finally crawled over to her and asked if she wanted me to read the book to her.  She was so happy.  :)  Too sweet!  She just couldn't figure out how to open the book on her own.  

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