Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Baby Advancements

I know it's been a while, so here are some recent updates.

Baby #1: Michael has been growing and growing and getting smarter each day. He's really loving Baby Signing Times. There are only two DVD's at the library and we've rented them whenever we see them. He really picks up on the signs and it's helped him increase his language a bit, too. We also downloaded one video (a free offer from the website) and he likes watching it, too. It's actually geared for older children so the signs are a bit more advanced and they go through them kind of rapidly. But Michael loves it and really works hard to make his hands and fingers work the right way. It's so cute!

He's also becoming more and more of a two year old. Getting just a little more defiant about things. But Mommy doesn't take that kind of attitude so, "we're changing your diaper right now!" :) I really do count my blessings with him. He likes to shake his head and say "no," or rather, "num num num num" at many things. Well, too bad. I still make him do whatever it is I'm discussing and he really does it. There aren't any fights or meltdowns. He just likes to say "no" to getting a diaper change, or turning off the TV. Not a big problem because I don't let him get away with it. He says "no" even when he means "yes."

Michael LOVES his sister, too. He's started to say "Baby Jane" with his other new words. Quite often I find them hugging, or rolling together on the floor. It's hilarious, and sweet. Until someone's hair gets pulled and the crying starts.

New sentences: "There it is!" upon discovering a whole host of things. "This a ___" fill in the blank. He started identifying some things in a book and preceded each with "this is a." He's also learned some of his books and 'reads' them on his own or with us. One favorite (from the library) he could recite almost completely. Now, if recorded, I'm not sure many would really understand his words, but we do. It's awesome.

Baby #2: Jane...... oh, Lord, how you send children to test us. Jane is a freaking firecracker and that's really putting it mildly. She's ALL OVER THE PLACE!! This child is literally steps away from walking and she's barely 10 months old! She actually took a couple steps on two occasions earlier this week. Free steps between the table and the couch. But she hasn't done it again. She flies down the couch, just barely touching it. She climbs over anything that's possible. She's turned Michael's little plastic chairs into "motor-chairs" in the kitchen. (For those not familiar with motor-chair, she's basically turned it into a walker.)

The aforementioned hair-pulling is done by Jane, inflicted upon poor Michael. The climbing, also done on Michael. When she gets really excited about brother, she has actually pulled him down to the floor whereupon she starts to beat her prize, wildly with her waving arms whilst shrieking. It's a sight to behold. Poor Michael either takes it with smiles, or starts crying and slooooowly tries to get away from the waving, shrieking, hair-pulling thing that keeps attacking him. Jane has also started pulling up on the standing Michael. At this point, Michael tries to get away and Jane starts walking behind him while holding onto his shirt or pants. If Michael moves fast enough he can lose the crazy thing attached to him.

She's a flinger and a mouth baby. She pulls my kitchen towels out of the rack and flings them around the kitchen. She tries to put several things in her mouth (crayons, paper, stickers, magnets). The other day, I picked her up and noticed a hair hanging out of her mouth. I told her, "Oh baby, you don't need to eat hair." I was assuming she got it from a floor cheerio. I started pulling the hair out of her mouth and out popped a folded up piece of paper at the end! There was a picture of Ariel on it. I have no idea what this thing was or where she got it, but I literally FISHED it out of her mouth with a hair. Never thought I'd do that.

Jane has also started clapping her hands. She does this on her own, if you do it, if you say "Yeah." It's really cute. She's pretty excited about it. She also tries to talk. Lots of "mamamamamama." She sticks her tongue out a bunch right now, too.

Baby #3: Still going strong. We're almost 22 weeks pregnant. Looking forward to December and any change in the weather. Baby kicks around, usually when mommy is trying to rest. All going smooth, so far.

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