Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The wonders of Jane

Oh, Jane, you are a constant source of joy and surprises.
She picked these out herself.

They both figured out how to do "airplane" or "superman" or whatever you call it on the swing.  More backyard pictures later.

"JANE!!!  WHAT DID YOU EAT!?!?!?!  and WHY did you do it 2 minutes before we needed to leave?!"
Oh, it's mud
Is there more mud in there?!

Ah, the mess from normal food, she's a bean eater!

What the heck, Jane!  When will you stop eating crayons?!

More crayon

Just a sweet baby girl!!!

I must ride brother's bike!

I must do what brother does.

Dress up with old clothes from mommy & Gee.
Wonder Woman socks
She really wanted to wear the hat, even though it was made for an infant.

I don't like this one, mom!

Get it OFF!!

This is good, we can go to the store, now.

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