Thursday, August 30, 2012

What Jane does

Here's a brief rundown of what Jane did while I was trying to nurse George to sleep:

turned light off (a light on George's changing table that has a switch on the cord) "yite eff"
talked to mommy even though mommy's telling her to "GO!"
"yite eff, yite eff"  as she turned it on and back off
shuts bathroom door
says "bye"
pulls an umbrella out of the hat stand (again, with mommy telling her to put it back)
tries to pull a second umbrella out of the stand
lays first umbrella down
finds a toy and brings it to George
"Gorg ni-nite"
Talks about her shoes "Mikal oofoos, Mikal oofoos"  because she's wearing Michael's shoes
offers mommy a kiss
goes to living room where I hear her kiss Michael
turns TV off and on (which annoys Michael)
steals some kind of toy from Michael (again annoying Michael)
Then all is quiet as I put George in his bed.

This is just maybe 3 minutes of my never stops when she's awake.

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