Thursday, December 12, 2013

Michael's November Program...take 2

The day before Michael's school class did a November Song and dance program, he got a fever.  So we missed the program.  As items came home the week after Thanksgiving, and pictures were in his newsletter, pregnant momma just cried and cried.  Plus, Michael simply would not sing the songs at home.  So I asked the teacher if maybe we could get another performance.  Since there was one additional friend in the class that missed the performance day, they did a repeat for us!!  Yeah!

This morning, we stayed at Michael's school for breakfast and after that the class performed.  I video'd each song but my home internet is pretty slow for the uploads.  I have one loaded.  Here's the Song of November.

Here's also a few other shots.  As soon as I get all the other video's loaded, I'll add them to the blog.

Michael in his spot (with name tag).  Jane and George acting like they belong.

Michael's job is "door holder" so he was second in line.  Jane, again, acting like she belongs in class, right behind Michael.

George CHOWED on this toast and cereal.  As kids finished, the teachers were taking trays away and asked, "George are you done?"  "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"  "Okay, then..."

Michael, a little dreary eyed, but he perked up for the performance.

Getting ready.

At the end of each song, he held up his hand like he was using a microphone.  :)

Again, probably saying, "Thank you very much" into his microphone.

I asked him to take a bow when they were finished.

Then he started to hold hands of his friends next to him.  I told the teacher that Michael wanted everyone to take a group bow.  So, the teacher had to instruct everyone to hold hands and how to bow at the end.  They all did!!

Of course, the Curious George show this morning had everyone on the show doing a performance and taking a bow at the end, so he'd seen it merely an hour earlier.  :)

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