Wednesday, August 14, 2013

5 shot Michael

Because Michael is going to head start in a few weeks, and due to a strange mix up back in January, he had to get caught up on some vaccines.

Here he is before, drumming on a cup.

"Turn it around!"

I don't know where he got this but he loves giggling and making this face while seeing himself.  He's not recalling laughing at himself, he's putting on a show.

Then the army of nurses came in.  4 nurses, 5 needles.  I made sure that I could hold him I stead of nurses.  So when the time came I laid across him for a hug.  He knew about shots a little from all the kid shows he's seen.  I reminded him it might sting and when it does he can go, "hoo-hoo-hoo!!"  He laughed at that then said, "ow ow hoo hoo hoo!"  But that wasn't the end, it was just the first 2.  Then round 2 came and I think it hurt a little more.  He cried out and did a little hoo hoo.  Then started saying, "I'm done I'm done."  But he had one last shot.  He almost took the nurses arm away from him.  I had to check, too, I thought they would do 4 sticks at once instead of 2-2-1.  But Michael got through it.  I think he sad something about a band aid, or I did.  But then we all made a big deal about his 5 band aids.  All the nurses were so happy about how well he did.  I had Michael high five all of them.  I didn't want him to think ill of them.  They were great, then one of them took him down the hall.  Other nurses out  in the hall commented on how well he did because his face wasn't red at all when he came out for stickers.  Even though he cried out with a couple shots I don't think he shed a single tear.

And after....

Five! Count 'em, 1-2-3-4-5!!!  There was 1 combo vaccine, so 6 vaccines in all!  Look at the smiles!!

And giggles.

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