Thursday, September 5, 2013

Michael's first day of school!!

Michael started head start, today.  He was ready to get in the car.
We were early to the school.
Jane and Georgie missed him but played nicely and both slept!!
Then, we picked up Michael.  He walked out with his class and the first thing I noticed was he was in his original clothes.  No accidents!!!
He sat with his class for a second, then came to the car.
His teacher told him to wave.

Here we are at home!!
His sweet little note from the teacher says, "Michael had the best first day! He loved circle and helped me read a book to his new friends.  He loved play dough and home center too." On the back of the heart note it says, "He is such a sweet boy and so happy."  Then there's a little heart drawing.

He ate cereal for breakfast and a grilled cheese at lunch.  

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