Wednesday, October 2, 2013

National night out

Our neighborhood does a great job on natl night out.  Kids had loads of fun.  After hotdogs, chips and cookies, Jane and Michael jumped in a bounce house.  George chilled in the wagon.  Michael climbed a really big inflatable slide that had sprinklers on the slide side.  He did it twice.  The big boys on the slide were super nice and helped him.  It was so sweet when the bigger kids would be supportive and get other boys to help Michael when younger kids were saying "hurry up!"  I would say "go Michael!"  And they started saying it, too!  So sweet.  You could tell who had younger siblings.

Then they played some carnival games, Jane did a sack race, and then we finished with sno cones and a ride on the little train.  Daddy has pictures of us on the train.

When I told the kids we were going to go to a party, Jane instantly thought it was a party for her birthday.  I guess that'll happen every year.  I wonder if one year we'll just piggy back a party with the fun & games.  Maybe when she's 10.

Earlier in the day we did some pillow fort building.  

Things got happier after these shots.  George loved throwing his body over the hill of pillows and climbing in and out. 

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