Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Why I don't get much done

I'm so mom-too-many-tabs, today.  Trying to do some business at the computer, start reading pointless articles, deal with kids, what was I doing? ug, business, oh look! free stuff.  business, nurse a baby, busineeeeescreaming baby!  business?  convo with family.  back to business, who's screaming now?  oh man, who stinks?  shower child, oh this trash is so full, take out trash, look at the garden i need to pull that grass.  Weed the garden without bug repellant oil, probably going to have tons of chiggers and mosquito bites.  come in, take off baby's diaper covered in sticker burrs.  shower off the sweat and dirt.  new diaper on baby and showered kid (who'd been nekkid the whole time I was weeding).

Back to computer.  At least I turned on the printer, which is needed for the 'business' that I want to do.

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