Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Sugar Cookies!!

We made sugar cookies, today!  I know, I know, "Emily what are you thinking making cookies with an almost 2 yr old and almost 11 week old?"  My answer, "I don't know, just thought I'd try."

Here's my big helper:

Here's my other helper:

In her own, persistent, way she told me, "HEY!  HEY!!  HEY!!!   Stop your baking and pay attention to me!!  Gee, I wonder where she got that 'do what I tell you' attitude.  But she gave some great smiles to make up for it.

Yes, there is also a video:

The result of today's adventure....
Buckets and buckets and BUCKETS 
of cookies for the kids to decorate at our Married Group Christmas party on Sunday!!

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  1. I love Jane's smiles! Just want to squeeze her. And yes, you are brave