Thursday, July 26, 2012

Moving stuff

I've had a bit of a head cold for a week. I call it "walking sinus infection" because it has all the symptoms except that horrible pain and pressure in the head. That's the only thing holding me back from going to the dr. I'm a little tired but I've been really motivated around the house!

We got a crib from a friend. We put it in the front room and as soon as it was secure we put George in there!!!! No more baby in our room!! Ok, wait, back up. Back when Ellen visited and Tony took the week off, I finally started straightening up in that room. That's when we saw that we could seriously get a crib in there.

So ever since, I've just been plugging along. Yesterday I moved the glider out of our room and into George's. I took down the baby swing in our room and put it in the garage. Today I disassembled the bassinet and put it in the garage! Our room feels so huge!!!!

Then, I moved the sewing machine(s) table into our room and a short bookshelf. I had Tony take the end table out of our room that I had been using as a bedside table. Now I will use the bookshelf. It's so great. I also moved a skinny set of drawers into our room. The next step is moving this changing table from our room to George's room. Then there will be no more baby stuff in this room!!!!!!!

Even with the new things in here, it still feels huge! AND, I'm a little closer to actually using my sewing machine!!!

I've also created a separate blog for my book reviews. I know you were soooo interested. :p well, you won't be seeing them here anymore.

In other news, two days ago, I stumbled and cut the back of my right ankle with the toenail on my left foot. Yesterday, while moving the glider, I pulled it over my shoe but it still bent back my left big toe nail causing it to break off pretty deep. Both injuries requiring a bandaid. Then, today, my hand wasn't completely out of the way and I snipped my palm with the tip of my kitchen shears. Owie! Along with this cold-thing, I'm hoping I stop hurting myself!

The kids are doing great! We actually went all day, today, without the tv! They just played around me and we listened to the radio while I cleaned and moved furniture. Both Jane and Michael like George's new bed. Jane keeps pointing to it and says, "Gegsh, nigh nigh, shhhh.". One day he was sleeping in it and I found both of them just standing next to the crib while Jane kept saying "shhh.". Later, when I was trying to let George go to sleep, he was fussing then stopped. When I walked in to see if he was asleep, I found that he had gotten quiet because Michael was standing there and reaching in to play with George's hand. Michael was supposed to be in his own bed. So we're all still getting used to it. I'm hoping that George will sleep longer since he can't smell me or hear Tony or I moving in our sleep (or snoring!). Not happening so much, yet.

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