Saturday, November 17, 2012

The cut.....the CUT!!!!

Oh, how sad.  It's not the first time we had to cut George's hair, but it's the most we've cut.  Poor baby.  I actually got a "is it a boy?" question a few weeks ago.  Plus, the chiropractor thought he was Jane a few months ago.  Poor kid, so pretty and has a momma who let his hair grow out.  Just looked like a little girl, sometimes.  Well, it was hanging over the ears, again, and he passed his 1 year birthday, so.....we buzzed him.

Here's before:

 Yes, it was pretty pathetic when I realized we could put it in a hair band, like a little top-knot.

Here's after....he was so sad, mad and scared about the buzzers.  Poor guy.  And he turned his head at just the right time for me to give him an odd clip behind one ear.  But mostly, it's even.

So there he is.  Yes, I kept the hair.  It was so soft and wonderful, I couldn't just trash it all.  I wanted to remember how soft and pretty it was.  Now the hair does look lighter.  Poo.  I miss my dark haired baby.  Maybe it'll grow out dark again.  He's still a cutie.

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