Thursday, November 22, 2012

What a great day!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We did a double family Thanksgiving and it worked!! We lunched with Reiters with Tacquard grandparents. The kids played.

Then we drove to North Richland Hills where all 4 remaining Dacy sisters had collected with their families. The families absent were Harvesons and Johnny offspring. What a great time! We walked in the door to the sound of cackling laughter and I thought, "oh ya, it's my family." We entered to the viewing of the "Tuesday-Friday" family holiday videos from 1985. Memories.

Michael immediately disappeared into a toy room with the boys. I, honestly, didn't see him for at least 30 minutes and when I did he was carrying a nerf rifle outside. He was so excited to be playing with new boys and new toys and the boys were NICE to him! They were so sweet! I asked him repeatedly if he wanted food. Finally, after over an hour, I had to go into the room where he was playing and say, "there's cake!" Three boys (including Michael) popped up. He scarfed down some blueberries, cake and a little chex mix. Actually left some cake on the plate! Begged for a water and when he got it, he was GONE again.

Jane became fast friends with her Mommy's cousins and her great Aunts. Particularly Aunt Jennifer. Sometimes she played with the boys, or at least disappeared into the boy rooms. Sometimes she played and visited with the women folk.

George? George was loved by all. It took a little to get used to the new loud people but it wasn't long before he was being passed around. "Oh so cute!" "Looks like Johnny!" He actually got a "good natured baby" kind of comment. He's a sweetie and played peek a boo with people.

We ate turkey and dessert, then ate more dessert and turkey! When we arrived at my clan the desserts were still out. We stayed until the leftovers were brought out for dinner. Yay! Second thanksgiving! I'm super stuffed with awesome food and my heart is filled with love. Pictures will be posted after we go home but I wanted to get these thoughts out now.

By the way, George went to bed with minimal fuss after being fed again. Jane nursed for a long time but is having trouble going down now. Wants to be held forever. Michael _wanted_ to go to bed! He played a little downstairs while I nursed Jane. But when he came up, he was ready to be changed into his pjs and get in the bed!

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