Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Last night I stuffed a pillow that I stitched on my own sewing machine.  This is such an accomplishment for me.  Not making pillows, but unboxing, uncovering and USING the sewing machine that I've had since before we were married (I'm pretty sure).  I'm so proud of my self, just for being at a point where I can use the machine!  A friend helped me make some pillow cases at her house and it gave me the confidence to open up my machine.

We've had a great Christmas, so far.  The Reiters came down with Granny Reiter.  Family lunch and visits on the 23rd.  Christmas Eve mass with Grands and Great Grand.  On the way home, we drove through some neighborhoods to view Christmas lights ("I love Chwismas lights." -Michael) and the BOYS fell asleep!

Today we opened a sweet haul of presents!!!  From Santa and family, alike, we are very blessed and happy.  Can't wait to continue the celebration, tomorrow, when we go to Houston for Daddy's birthday.

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