Monday, December 17, 2012

Wonderful strangers

Why is it on my worst days I end up talking to strange moms at the grocery store? This morning we went to a mom group at the church, came back, tried to have lunch, then "quiet time." I use quotes because its not always quiet. We were out of milk so I nursed Jane after nursing George and putting him in his crib. I just wanted them to all stay in their rooms so I could lay down for 10 minutes.

The doors kept opening. The screams kept happening. The doors kept opening. Jane hit me. Where's my pencil? Where's my bear? Bottle milk! Watch the tv!

No NO No No no NOOOOOOO! Here's your pencil, here's your bear, here's water, STAY in YOUR ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to leave them before I punched through a wall. Thankfully the last time was Jane's last straw, too and she finally passed out on her bed giving me a precious 10 minutes or so by myself.

Another plus to the day was my mothers helper was coming!! Yay! So off to the store I go by myself! Whereupon I saw a mom with three kids who appeared close in age. I had to ask her how old they were. It was something like 7, 5 and 4. I told her mine were 1, 2 and 3. Immediately her face lit up and she said, "Oh, you're gonna Love it!!!!!" What a blessing!

She said more good things, we related about the "ya got your arms full" comments when I LITERALLY do have my arms full (two in the cart at Sams and sleeping Jane in my arms wondering where I put her, or two in the cart and a baby seat in my hands (FYI, these comments are NOT encouraging or helpful to the mom!!!!!!!)). She gave me two possible come backs to that comment.

She also encouraged me to just enjoy the good moments and ignore the rest. Even though that's hard. There will still be days where I nearly lose it with them, but to really cherish the sweet times. I'm sure I've heard it before in different ways, but somehow it hits a different chord when coming from someone who really knows what it's like.

She was so sweet, she hugged me and encouraged me and said she's so excited for me for all the good times I will have with them. She also said that even 6 months can make a huge difference, so just keep plugging along.

I drove home with renewed faith and thinking, "Thank you God, Thank you God, Thank you God for putting her in my path!"

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  1. Oh Emily, those moments are such a rare and precious peek through the fog, aren't they? Sometimes all we need is someone to be positive to help us stay positive. You are doing an awesome job. This is not easy work! But the most rewarding for sure! Hugs and prayers! Julia