Friday, June 14, 2013

A night

Something was up with George, tonight. Normally, we put him in his bed, he might or might not fuss but never longer than a minute. He rolls around, plays with a toy or book, then covers himself and goes to sleep.  But tonight he was freakish out. Screaming and crying.  I'd fed him like normal.  After several minutes I got him, fed him again and sat with him on the couch.  He started to pretend to lay down and covet up, so Tony took him back to his bed.  The fussing began again.  After a while, only gave him Tylenol and rocked him for a while. He was calm while rocking, which Tony says is odd because usually George doesn't allow that.  So he put him back.  The fussing began again, in earnest.

For a baby who almost never fusses, this momma had had enough.  I came in here and picked him up and said, "I'm just gonna rock you."  I sat down in the glider with him on my shoulder and he hasn't moved.  Poor baby.  Must have passed out immediately.

Meanwhile, Jane was on the froggie potty playing with a toy phone saying, "Gee?  Maddy?  Anny Ciayur? I just sit a potty.  Michael's seeping."

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