Thursday, July 11, 2013

My flower pot

After making several amiguri animals for the kids, I finally did one or myself.  I found this pattern on the lion brand yarn app (also available on their website, awesome awesome website).

I worked the flowers with a slightly smaller hook than the pot and lid. Most flowers are purple or blue, but there are 3 individual flowers in 3 additional colors.  I also added a little bit of embroidery with some long tails I had for the leaves.  If you look close there are some lazy daisies and a few stems.  

I had to stop myself early with this.  An artist once told me that when painting he stopped just before he thought he was finished.  Usually it's those last touches that puts a piece over the top.  So I stopped before I had filled in all the empty space with embroidery stitches and there is maybe a space or two where another leaf could be added.  But I showed it to tony and said, "I think I should stop myself."  He agreed.

Then I 'signed' it with my initials & date on the bottom.  

Jane loves it.  I think I'll have to fight her for it.

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