Thursday, July 25, 2013

My laundry helper

Yesterday, Jane helped me with the laundry.  She really is a good helper.  Here's what Jane can do:

*pull laundry out if the dryer and put it in the hamper,
*take the wet laundry I hand her from the washer and put it in the dryer,
*shut the dryer door (George is a big helper with this, too),
*PUSH the full hamper into another room,

Then she usually 'helps' me by talking to me while I sort & fold.  Sometimes she would say she's folding a cloth diaper. This would involve folding it a little, then rolling it up like a jelly roll.  Sometimes she can take a stack of clothes to her room & put them in her drawer.

Yesterday, she wanted to help fold.  I gave her a washrag and she folded it perfectly.  So I gave her another and she did it again.  She folded all the washrags in the load!  She also stacked them beautifully and handed the stack to me.  Then she wanted to do it again.  So I opened them all and gave them to her.  She folded them all again.  Here's a picture I took after the second folding.

See that beautiful stack??? That's my girl!!

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