Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jane June 5, 2014

Trying to wear panties, today.  She sat on the potty when I told her, several times, often peed.  One of the last times, when I went to check on her, she had peed and got up without her panties and was at the kids table.  I told her to get her panties back on.  She managed some kind of stumble off the table, kicked the potty and it flipped, then spilling the pee all over my bare foot and the carpet.

Later, she comes to my door in that poop crouch.  I rush her to the potty.  We manage to get panties off (with still a small smear in them) and on the potty and all the real poop goes in the potty.  I set the timer for her so I can check the baby.  I return once, she's ok.   I return later, she has gotten off the potty.  The toilet seats are smeared with poop.  She has poop smeared all over her butt so much you would think she never made it to the potty.

Michael and George are doing something near the diaper trash and changing table.  I reprimand Michael for playing with the diaper trash because it's dirty.  Then I try to throw away the poop wipes from Jane and find Michael had locked the lid shut.

All cleaned up, everyone in the room.  I come to my bed to feed the baby again.  Jane comes to the door, dragging her mattress pad and say, "mom, this just come off my bed."  "Ya, probably because you pulled it off!  Go back!"

George came later, clutching his pink angel dolly and a blanket and saying, "my dowee sweepin."

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