Thursday, June 26, 2014

Major change of plans

I have two appointments, today.  A free massage at 9:30 and my Obamacare wellness check at 1:20.  Instead of planing two babysitters or one for 6 hours, I thought I would take the kids to powersports for their day camp.  I told husband.  I told the kids. I packed their lunches and backpacks.  Tony even asked me to a lunch date since it would be just me and the baby.  Then I'd go to my workout class at 3:45.  Pick up the kids at 5:30.  Day planned.

We piled into the car and drove to the kids gym.  They were excited.  I was ready.  We walk up to the door and I see the sign:

"You must be pre-paid for day camp.  We no longer accept walk-ins."

My heart sank.  Everyone piles through the door.  I chat with the receptionist who says, "yep, we are full. People are paying this week for next week and I only have 6 open spots next week."  I knew there would be crying.  How am I going to explain this to my kids?  How am I going to get through the day and my appointments?  DAMMIT!!!  

"Ok guys, we gotta go back to the car, let's go.  No gym today."  Even though I told you this was what you were doing.  Tears.  "But I want to go to my gym school!!!!!!"  All back out the door (remember I have Maggie in the stroller this whole time) and I try to explain to them that I made a mistake.  I showed Michael the sign on the door.  Still tears.  Jane and George went back to the car fairly well.  George fussed a little.  Jane not much.  Michael still crying.  I said, "ya, I want to cry, too."

Now what?  Change plans.  I guess they're going to be with me.  But then I passed a friend's neighborhood.  I called her. No for the morning (swim lessons) but afternoon she could help.  HALLELUJAH!!!!

Massage at chiro's office.  Nursed the baby some.  Kids had some snack.  Still confused and sad about the situation.  But then they turned on the tv to pbs.  Just like home.  The ladies also said it would be fine for them to stay out in the waiting area while I had the massage!  Awesome.

Good massage, if fast.  Only 30 minutes and I am incredibly sore from my workout.

I could hear Jane being bossy girl while I was in there.  I come out and George had pooped.  I tell Jane to put on her shoes. Then take george to the potty to change.  Finish him, Jane comes in no shoes. Pees, wipe, wash hands and then Michael comes in.  Poop, wash hands.  I finally exit the bathroom and Jane is still barefoot.  Get shoes on Jane and realize Maggie needs a diaper.  Change baby.

We finally walk to the car, get everyone in and my car clock says 10:45.  My appointment was 9:30.  Granted, my car clock is ten minutes fast, but still!?  So I'm hungry.  I call tony and offer a new lunch date and park scenario.  He says yes.  We pick him up, get taco stuff at Fuego's and head to a park near campus.

It worked out great.  Kids played, we are, Maggie slept.
George even went down a big slide, not pictures here.  I have a video for later.

We dropped off daddy and went to my wonderful friend's hhouse.  Dropped off kids and fed baby, poor thing had gone nearly 3 hours!  Then I went to the Dr office. I hate Obama, I hate obamacare, I totally blame it for this stupid, pointless, waste of time appointment that I had.  I had 1hr just me and baby.  
Back home.  George fell asleep on the way home.  Michael and Jane are eating more lunch.  We still have to go to my workout class.  I'm nursing the baby and typing.

Here's George
Here's Maggie.
Now to change into shorts and pack everyone back into the car, again.

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