Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Today will be a day

Yesterday, Michael started complaining about his neck.  This morning he said he was better, you gave him ibuprofen.  But j got a calm from the resource specialist that he was in tears when he got off the bus at school.  His teacher said he was complaining most of yesterday.  She didn't tell me or the resource teacher.

Normally Jane would be at preschool today but she chose to stay home because she has a cold.

I call for a chiropractor appt ad tell Jane and George I'm getting in the shower.  Both of them, "I want to shower with you!!!" And they both run to the shower yl strip!  So funny.  So there I am in the shower with them, I et finished just in time for the phone to ring.  There was a cancellation and openin for Michael.  Yay.  Jane and George are openin and closing the shower door.  Then Jane wants out and George is trying to hold her inside the shower.  I rescue her, get her dried and we are working on getting dressed.  In Jane's room, George comes in all wet, "mom, I poop in the shower!  Ew!"  Fabulous.  Go back to shower, he also dropped some in the towel outside the shower.  All this time the baby was increasingly fussy.  She was asleep before I made my shower announcement but soon woke due to all the excitement.

Now I have towels and other thigs on the sanitize setting in the wash, a ton of clean laundry in my bed, a sleepy baby in my arms.  And I'm trying the psych myself up for going around town with the whole gang today.

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