Friday, October 24, 2014

Playing together

I have to record these moments for the teenage years if they hate each other.  I came out of my to see this, this morning.  I said, "why so sweet?"  Michael said, while still watching the tv, "because we love each other."  (Universal "awwwww!"). I mean can you stand it???

They've really been playing together, lately, too.  It's so cute, Michael isn't just running along with her, he is really involved with what they are doing.  Talking with her, in conversation about their pretend.

George is full of pretend every day.  So funny.  "I get my shirt on, I get my helmet on.  I get in my car."  It's so funny and constant every night after bath.  He comes to my bed and starts making something with the pillows and telling a story and pretending something.  He also calls water towers rockets around town.  We drive past one and he says, "I see a wocket ship!"

Notice the legs are blurry?  Someone loves her bath tub!!

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