Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Brown Presents

Our Aunt Laura-Uncle Dave-Cousin Thomas Christmas-Birthday presents arrived, tonight.

I was at Mass, alone, while presents were deposited by Elf Aunt Katie and happily opened.  The Brown's were able to see the festivities via facetime.  When I got home, I asked Jane about her presents and she jumped with GLEE to tell me about "Pincess book and cyose and puzzle!!!"  Really that should be in all caps and about 10 font sizes larger, but there is no real way to accurately type the level of excitement she was at when telling me about these presents. 

Then she started to say something about a phone she forgot.  I got confused and thought she was making that part up.  But when we were in her room, I saw the puzzle and opened the drawers to see some clothes.  She showed them to me, in both drawers.  Then I asked, "Where is your book?"  "On da bookshef!"  Well, that, in itself, is amazing because there were about TWENTY other books of theirs that were not on the shelf.  Jane stepped on several of them to go over to the bookshelf and retrieve the small Princess book.

She started showing it to me and daddy said, "It goes with the phone."  "So there IS a phone?" I asked.  "Where is it?" I asked Jane.  Jane said, "In da box," meaning the toy box.  Again, another HUGE surprise given the state of the room.  She went back to the toybox, stepping on the many books and over several toys, to dig down and pull out the cutest little smartphone-looking toy phone I have ever seen.  Video to come on next blog.

George absolutely LOVES this cute little helicopter with a pilot and chair he can push to make noises and play a song.  He had to take it to bed with him.  

Michael got a couple of awesome books but was so tired and worn out from his fever and the weekend that he was in bed already and barely staying awake.

Daddy got some shirts and I got a few books.  2 on Kindle to be read anytime anyplace, yeah, and a neat new book of Novenas.  The novenas will definitely come in handy in the coming weeks and months as we prepare for Maggie.  Oh ya, did I blog about Maggie?

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