Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Process of the Guitar cake

The kids all helped to make Micahel's birthday cake, today.  

Mixin milk the way, Aunt Laura, another apron would be awesome unless you want to keep seeing him in polka dots.

It's his birthday, he gets to lick the frosting beater.

I bought a guitar cake pan a while back.  Some overflowed and made the whole houe smell like burning chocolate.  I greased the pan a TON and still, a little stuck.

All I could think of was Chunk from Goonies, "Chock-let!"

Almost final version.  Red sprinkles for frets, red gel for strings.
Then I stepped into my room for a moment...a moment.

This is what I found when I returned.  I left him eating sprinkles in the chair away from the cake.  He switched chairs and just went to town.

This is him placing back ONTO the cake, the peppermint candy that he had been licking.

The effects of George.

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