Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Adventures with Jane & Michael

It's Saturday.  The kids have had a pretty free day.  Daddy even took them all to the library (yeah for a little break for mommy).  Now it's 'quiet time' or at least room time.  When Jane and Michael are together, they don't nap, or at least Jane doesn't nap.  They just play in their room.  Sometimes talking to each other, sometimes just playing around each other.  Either way, it's awesome and hilarious that they stay in their room.  Also, the things that they do and say to each other are pretty funny.

A few minutes ago I stepped out and Tony said it'd been quiet for a while.  On approach to their room, I noticed the bathroom door was shut with the light on inside and I heard Jane talking from within.  I pointed to the door for Tony to see.  Then we opened the door.  Whoa! the smell!

But what did we see?  Michael on the white potty, Jane on the little training potty.  Both of them tell us at about the same time, "We pooped!"  Yep, Both of them needed to poop and BOTH of them got on potties and BOTH of them pooped on potties.

Amazing, the influence of a brother.  I'm just guessing.  I tried to ask who needed to potty first, and Jane said it was her.  who knows.  They're not sick (thank goodness), just both needed to poo.  Jane did have TWO apples this morning, so I'm not surprised for her.  I told them that daddy and I were SO PROUD of them for both going on the potty.  It's not so much a big deal for Michael, he's fairly regular and hasn't had a poop accident in ages.  But it is a BIG deal for Jane.

Totally hilarious.  I would have taken a picture if it wasn't for the overwhelming SMELL.

George has been asleep in his crib the whole time.  He's awesome.  He loves his bed and is so wonderfully set in a routine for nap time or bed time.  He nearly DIVES into his crib.

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