Thursday, March 20, 2014

Almost ready!!

This was the state of our bedroom for a few weeks.  I had almost resigned myself to thinking that Tony would be puttin the crib together while I was in labor.  

Then I went to bunco, tonight, and came back I find a built crib!!!  Built, with blankets and birth kit bags tossed inside. I'm not complaining!!!

It gave me the chance to actually feel like I was nesting for a while.  Birth kit stuff is sorted under the crib.  Bed made the way I envisioned it.

Extra blankets on left, baby sleep station in middle, changing area on right.

Even Aunt Nita's diaper hanger is in place with diapers inside!  

Plus, it was Tony's idea to place the crib perpendicular to the wall so we still have access to our dresser.  It seems like it's crowded but I really think it will work.  Plus, the crib is on wheels, so if I feel it needs to be closer to the bed, we can just scoot it over!  Also, it'll probably get moved against the wall when I'm in labor so we'll have more space in the room.

I titled this 'almost ready' because it seems baby girl is really going to dictate her birthday.  I had a massage yesterday and let the therapist rub on some labor inducing pressure points.....and.....still no labor.  However, even the chiropractor said he hopes I have the baby this weekend, for my sake!!!  I love it when drs recognize the amount of discomfort I must be in.  He could tell how off kilter my pelvis was.  But, I've been moving with vastly less pain since the adjustment and massage.  

The kids are excited about he crib, too.  Michael said baby Maggie "will climb up!"  Um, she'll be too little for a while.  Then Jane said she would get baby Maggie and "I will hold her all by myself because I'm big!"  Again, um, maybe not Jane.  "But I big!  I hold her all by myself!"  So, I guess we'll be having some crib and baby handling instructions coming.

George said some things about the crib...George words.

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