Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kid quotes

Jane, in the car, on the way to church: "ah! I forgot my purse!"  She was upset.  "I need it!"

Jane:  in a pull up and socks, after being on the potty and putting her pajamas in the drawer.  She turns to skip back to the room and says, "I need to change my socks!"  "Change you socks??  Why?"  "BECAUSE I DO!!"   Oh, well, excuse me.

Michael in the yard:  3-11-14
After trying in vain to ask his other siblings to swing on the big swing or see saw with him, Michael said, "I have to talk to Baby Maggie!"  He ran over, and bent over my belly to say, "Baby Maggy, do YOU want to some swing with me?"  I asked him what he thought she was going to do.  He said, "She will come out and swing!"

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