Monday, June 4, 2012

Fabulous weekend

We had great time this weekend. Saturday night we took a picnic to a free outdoor concert. The band was an Eagles cover band. I think the last time Tony and I went was when Michael was a baby. Everyone did great! We had a great dinner. George nursed fabulously. Jane played with the carseat and got out every now and then to stomp to the music. She also danced a few times. Michael was in heaven. It was the coolest thing ev-ah!

Friday evening we went to First Friday in downtown Bryan. It's a community event each month. There is often lots of live music playing. We sat near a jazz band for a few songs and Michael loved it, totally amazed. But the concert was just as exciting for Michael. He was a little stunned at the volume at first, but  once he got used to it his eyes were GLUED to the stage!  George eventually fell asleep with mommy.  Jane eventually curled up in a sheet and fell asleep with her bottle.  But Michael lasted the whole night!

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