Monday, June 11, 2012

A good day

No pictures, you can use your imagination. Michael helped me roll out tortillas, today. Help is a loose term of course. He likes playing with flour. There was a small plate and a little Pyrex dish with flour in it. Michael started moving flour from the bowl to the plate. This ended up helping me with the dough because I needed a lot more flour than I thought on these tortilla dough balls. So I used the plate to press on a bunch of flour.

By the end, Michael had flour on his head, forehead, eyes, nose and chin. The one time Jane got some flour on her hands she tried to eat it. I think that stopped her from trying again.

Later, at naptime, I was doing the customary diaper check before leaving them to lay down. Michael smelled awful! I was sure he'd pooped, but the diaper was empty. I asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty. "mmm hmm!" so, into the bathroom. He wanted to be on the big white potty. I got him all set up with some books and I had to go check on someone else. I came back with George and asked if he popped. "mmm hmmm" but this can't always be trusted. He did start to pint down at his back. I said, "ya, you pooped? Let's check.". I asked him to stand and what'd ya know, HE DID!!!!!!! Michael pooped in the potty!!!!!!!!

Oh I cheered and we high fived and thumbs upped!! I told him how proud I was of him! I was so happy and I think he picked up on it. He got to flush the potty and then we called daddy to tell him the news.

What else did Jane do, today? Asked about her daddy about half a dozen times and laid on the baby brother.

What did George do? Well, after surviving the dogpile from his siblings all day, we went to the infant cognition lab at A&M. I love it. They pay us $5 to watch the baby look at things for 16 minutes. Today George was going to watch kind of a puppet show but they put a cap on him that measured something in his brain. He was SO CUTE with the cap!! That said he was the first one to use the cap, all the girls loved him. I wish I had a picture. The cap came all the way over his ears (with holes for his ears) and strapped under his chin. His whole head was covered with the cap with just his face poking through. So cute!!

Mommy? I actually got a little nap and cooked 16 mushroom burgers, divided other cooked meat into meals with potatoes, cooked the tortillas, washed and dried diapers and bath mats, cleaned dishes that built up over the weekend, and kept everyone alive.

Daddy worked hard and watched J & M while we were at the infant lab. He's awesome.

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