Sunday, January 6, 2013

Emily's Fast, Day 3

Today, I'm following day 1 of the rotation.  If I get everything on the list, there are actually a bunch of options.  It's the beef day and black-eyed peas day.  There's also eggplant, red & green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, grapes.

Here's the breakdown of acceptable food for today:

STARCH: NONE!  Seriously, when I can work in the mild intolerance foods, tapioca will be available, but I don't think I'll be eating that anyway.

VEGGIES/LEGUMES:  Black-eyed Peas, celery, eggplant, kale, red/green leaf lettuce, tomato

FRUIT: black currant, date, fig, grape, papaya

PROTEIN: beef, codfish, crab, fava bean, lamb, oyster, sardine, veal

MISCELLANEOUS: Bay leaf, caraway, chamomile, chili pepper, licorice, rosemary, safflower

Breakfast was black-eyed peas with roasted eggplant.  I also made some bacon.  This isn't the pork day, but I needed more protein.  Turned out, we didn't have any beef in the freezer.  So we stopped at the store on the way home and I got beef, catfish (for tomorrow), and grapes.

Came home to find I really needed to cook some tomatoes and zucchini that I got last week.  Zucchini, mushrooms, wild rice and garlic went in a pot for tomorrow.  I'm glad I'll have something already cooked.  Then the beef roast went into the slow cooker with a bunch of salt and chili powder and quartered tomatoes on top. Then I pan seared a couple of steaks for Tony and myself.  My steak was sliced then I had it with green leaf lettuce and a sliced tomato.  Steak seasoned with salt and rosemary.

I still have a bunch of eggplant that needs to get cooked really soon.  I'm going to package it up with BE peas and tomato so I'll have "go to" containers for the next time this day comes in the rotation.

I'll also be putting some of the roast with eggplant for next time.

Another thing I'm not completely adhering to right away is the coffee.  I still made coffee and had some this morning but I made it really weak.  I might have to alternate coffee and black tea from day to day before I give caffeine up entirely for a whole 2 days.

Here's tomorrow's foods (day 2 on rotation)
STARCH: Wild Rice
VEGGIES/ LEGUMES: Brussel Sprouts, button mushrooms, cabbage, cauliflower, endive, kelp, mustard, zucchini squash
FRUIT:  apple, blueberry, pear, pineapple
PROTEIN: Catfish, chicken, egg yolk, lentil bean, mackerel, mahi mahi, tuna
MISCELLANEOUS: Baker's Yeast, basil, brewer's yeast, cane sugar, cinnamon, clove, garlic, ginger, hops, maple sugar, parika, peppermint

Any ideas?  Is there a hop only gluten free beer available?????  Remember, if it's not on the list, assume I can't have it.  Like cooking oils...not on the list.


  1. I'm curious about the source of the options.

  2. I'm with Rowena, where are these lists coming from? Does your chiropractor work with a nutritionist? Are they following up with another blood test after you've detoxed? I'm curious as to the process.

    I know that some starches are being allowed, but I would recommend perusing paleo recipes... you can always add back starches fairly easily, or do a specific search for an idea. I know that has some really yummy recipes with beef and cabbage stir fry, roasted cabbage slices (calls for coconut oil, but you could maybe omit? or maybe use some of the oil from the beef?) Another site I like is and

    How long will you need to be on this detox diet? And what is it that they are looking to see with it? or hoping to accomplish? Good luck! Not easy when everyone depends on you for you the food, unless the kids and hubby are okay with eating the same thing.