Thursday, January 10, 2013

George, "Dada"

Yesterday, very clearly, George said, "Dada." I had just finished nursing him and was loving on him. I asked him if he wanted to go see everyone else, "brother, sister, daddy?" I signed daddy on myself and then mommy. Daddy is fingers all extended like a high five then tap your thumb to your forehead (where the brim of a hat would be on a man), mommy is same hand with thumb to the side of your chin (where the bow of a bonnet would be tied on a lady). Then I took his hand to tap his own thumb on his chin and I'd say "mommy" then on his forehead and I'd say "daddy."

"Mommy, daddy, mommy, daddy, mommy, daddy." He's giggling, Mommy's so silly. *pause* drop hand, smile.

George starts to raise a hand and says so clearly, "dada" in a sweet soft voice. It was so cute!!!!!!! I ran out to the living room and told Tony. Since then he's kind of said it a few more times but not as distinct.

He definitely loves his daddy! When daddy comes home he crawls his little baby bootie straight to his daddy whining or talking the whole way. If daddy goes past him without picking him up, oh stand back, upsetsville. Immediate crying until daddy gets him.

Jane and Michael are great. Today during naptime (which has really become my desperate attempt for quiet time) they opened the door after successfully staying inside their room for quite a while. I got to their room before they came out and Jane was telling Michael to hold her hand. What I saw was Michael wearing a jacket he found in the closet. He had put it on correctly, which is a big deal because he still asks for help with the jackets, especially the hooded ones and this one had a hood. The hood was tucked inside the back and he had it zipped up all the way, he's good with zippers. Jane was wearing her pants (thank you God she still had them on) but had pulled on her Christmas tutu over them. No shirt (spaghetti for lunch). I told them they looked great but they still had to stay in their room.

Later, Jane wore the tutu to the grocery store, with a shirt.

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