Friday, January 4, 2013

Food Sensitivity Test Results & Day 1 (3)

I took a blood test for food sensitivities through my new Chiropractor.  He's certain that my extreme sensitivity to touch throughout most of my body is from something I'm eating that's causing the inflammation.

There are 5 foods on my severe irritant list, about a dozen on the moderate and MANY on the mild.  I'm also mildly reactive to gluten and whey which rules out those sources.

It did print up an "acceptable foods" list and then has a 4 day rotation of those foods so you can 'detox' and not cause any new sensitivities by eating the same thing each day.  I'm starting with day 3 of that rotation because it's the day that allows for coffee.  Tomorrow (day 4 on rotation) allows for black tea.  Then I'm without caffeine for 2 days.

Other foods for today:
Starch:  Corn, Quinoa, Sorghum
Veggies: Acorn Squash, asparagus, leek, pinto bean, radish, string bean
Fruit: Apricot, blackberry, cherry, Lime, nectarine, peach, plum, raspberry
Protein: Anchovy, Duck, Halibut, Kidney Bean, Navy Bean, Pork, Sole, Soybean
Miscellaneous:  Almond, Cardamom, cocoa, coffee, cottonseed, dill, macadamia, oregano, peanut, thyme.

It seems like today has many options, especially with the quinoa and corn.  So, what was for breakfast?  I had some quinoa flakes in the pantry!!!!  Quinoa flakes with dark cocoa powder, coffee, and canadian bacon with soybeans.  mmmmmm

I will definitely be going to the grocery store, today.  I'm planning quinoa with asparagus & leek.  Tomorrow's starches are amaranth and buckwheat. What the what!?

My family has been super supportive.  Tony keeps saying, "It's not forever!"  My sisters were amazingly super supportive saying I can do it and there's tons that I CAN eat.  Mom reminded me that I have all my years of experience with Weight Watchers for tracking my food, trying new things, being aware of what I eat to make this easier.  She said, "Imagine how hard it would be for someone who hasn't been doing that for the last 8 years."  She's right, it would be harder.  I'm a step or two ahead.  I mean, how many people would have had quinoa flakes in the pantry?!

I might be blogging a bit of this journey to get out some ideas and thoughts.  If you have any suggestions for recipes for the foods available within an individual day, please feel free to share.  Only those foods are allowed for that day.

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